Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So glad I've changed.

I never used to like hot drinks. I've never had a cup of coffee in my life (swear to god) and I only started drinking tea a few months before I got pregnant with Carson - then had to go on a bit of a hiatus from it.

Anyways, back to the point. I love drinking hot drinks now! It gives new meaning to "going for coffee". I'd only ever have a hot chocolate, and since WW, would rarely waste the points on that. This year, I am loving going for coffee with the girls because there are a million things to choose from, instead of not drinking anything or ordering the hot chocolate and feeling guilty.

I was trying to look around for the points for a vanilla steamer and found it to be about 4 points (like the one from Second Cup) but the place behind my house is an independent little coffee house, so I can't be certain. Anyways, I landed on the Starbucks site and started looking around at all the drinks they have to offer and I can't wait for next Tuesday when we are meeting at Starbucks to try the gingerbread latte - they have sugar free syrup too! (T - your comment reminded me of this!). There are sooo many yummy things to try I wish Tuesday night came more often. I'm in love with chai latte too. With soy. Yum!

I also indulge in buying a few boxes of yummy sounding tea, I start every morning off with a green tea (not only is it good for you, I love it. It's the first tea I started drinking) and so far one of my faves is Stash Chai green tea. I always used to feel sorry for myself (bit of an exageration, but hey it sounds good) when at work, everyone would come in on a cold winter day and fill up their mugs with coffee and get all warmed up and I would be drinking my water. This winter I will join the rest of the world and drink something HOT in the morning.

Yes, I'm gay and I realize that.

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Anne said...

I'm not alone! I also have never had a cup of coffee! Tea is still gross to me though. I've also just discovered steamers:) Mmmm but I make them at home. I can't justify that much money for hot milk!

Christy said...

tea with milk and/or sugar in it still grosses me out, I drink it plain (I only really drink green tea and different kinds of green tea, but will have the occasional herbal tea if it's the only thing available).

Tell me how to make steamers at home!!

Anne said...

I steam the milk using the steamer from our espresso machine and add some SF vanilla syrup (from Second Cup). If I'm lazy, I just stick it in the micro, after all, it's just hot milk right? But, it does taste better with the

Christy said...

Ahhh - see we don't have one of those, so I may have to just keep buying them. But sounds delightful!

desajair said...

Don't do it! The gingerbread latte I mean, from Starbucks. Its super icky. I mean, if you've ever had the Second Cup one. At least, in my humble opinion, it was really gross. Really really gross.