Friday, November 30, 2007


Thank you ladies for all your wonderful comments, I'm smiling like you wouldn't believe because of them!

I'm running around today trying to get a million and one things done for the big party tomorrow. Turns out there is probably going to be about 20 adults and 10 kids, a bit of a madhouse I would say! So we are cooking up a storm and trying to maximize the space and take away anything that can get broken, spilled or cracked from 20 little kiddy hands.

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Sonya said...

Hey Doll,

I've been MIA for a million reasons, but mostly, I just wanted to write and say:

- OMG - you're my hero! 30lbs is incredible, and I'm so very proud of you.
- You are drop dead gorgeous - you look happy, fit, and on top of the world. I love it!
- I'm so happy you're here, blogging, and inspiring.:-)

Malinda said...

I would like to second that!

You're such a great inspiration.... have a fantastic weekend :-)