Friday, December 14, 2007

Daily Menu

I'm going to try journalling online for a week - when I was on mat leave it was easy because I was at home throughout the day, but now it's not as easy because I would forget my journal everywhere... so this is the one place I can always "find"

Breakfast: Raisin bran + milk = 5
Snack: Cottage cheese + pineapple = 3
Lunch: Salad (tomatoes, onions, peppers) + chopped up left over rosemary porkchop = 4
Dinner: Tuna melt = 5
Snack: popcorn = 2
Total: 19

Can you OD on green tea? I drank 4 of them yesterday. But I drink two mugs from one tea bag, is that gross? Work is so busy (LOVE IT) that I all of a sudden look at the clock and it's almost lunch time (or home time) and I've forgotten to eat my snack. I used to always check the clock to see when it was snack time... is it a sign of loving my new job or not feeling the need to eat if I'm not hungry. Whatever it is, it works for me!

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