Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 2

Now posting Amy style. I have very little blogging time these days, but I do find it keeps me on track so the 5 minutes each night I will definitely dedicate to updating!

1. Was even better then Day 1! I'm super excited for this new job and really like the people I am working with, they are all a younger crowd (most are single with no kids) so I'm finding it a bit hard to relate sometimes... BUT it's nice to not have to talk baby all the time!

2. And my sister kicks ass. I got this e-card this morning

There once was a girl named Christy G
Her and hubby had a bab-y
She was off for a year
Got bored, oh dear!
And now she’s back at work....SUCKER!!!!
It will be great to be back, in the land of adult conversation and purposeful interaction and the feeling of being productive. (Not that you weren’t productive as a mom). At times, it will suck too. Call me whenever you need to vent, cry, laugh, whatever.
You’ve done such an amazing job over the last year, be proud of what you've done and know that Carson has had everything he needs to move on to HIS next stage of life.
You done good sistah!
Love Carrie

I'm super lucky, my sister is my best friend and she's AWESOME!!!

3. So you all know my hair is black. I want to put three bright streaks in it (like a bright colour) - I'm thinking red, but my face is naturally kind of red so I don't know if it will make me look more blotchy??? My best friend (we went out for coffee tonight, after all it IS Tuesday) said blue may be more subtle. I just feel I'm too "normal" these days and want something to brighten up my life! What colour do you guys suggest?

4. Eating has been going well, I've been so busy there's no room for extra snacking or mindless eating. I'm not journalling (see above, SO busy) but I know I'm eating sensibly and 99% sure I'm not going over. I feel great these days, like I'm totally in control. I am not freaking out about any number on the scale, I KNOW I'm doing well and I FEEL good - and that my friends, is what's important!

Now what's important is for me to go to bed.


2 people had this to say:

Kristen said...

I'm glad you're loving your job thus far :). I like the idea of blue streaks, as long as your employer is okay with that :P.

CaRoLyN said...

I like the idea of blue too. My Brother in law's gf had black hair and has blue streaks and I think it looks really hot! Glad you had such a great second day!!