Wednesday, December 5, 2007


All my clothes that I bought in the States over a month ago are loose on me. But not baggy, just MUCH looser then when I bought them. I feel great in them and I know my personality is changing (the parts I had mentioned I wanted to change) because of it. Things are crazy (trying to balance work and being a mom) but I'm feeling really good! Will report in after my WI tomorrow. If I can maintain my 2.8 loss from last week I'll be happy. The scale was looking in my favour the past couple days, but I had salty soup today so I'm not hoping for much :)

Work is SO overwhelming - the learning curve is so steep and I have very little time to learn it in (my senior is leaving Dec 24th on vacation and then going on a year assignment) so I have to sap every last bit of information from her before she leaves. There are about 30ish people in our "department" and they are all young, super nice, friendly, helpful and even the older doctors (who in my last bureau were kind of grumpy and not willing to help at all) are super nice and opening their doors to me, offering me all kinds of assistance and they are really happy that I'm there to run all their projects. It's a little less sciencey then my last position and all about project management... which really is all about organizing (which I'm a fanastic about) but geared around the science (i'm managing all the new drug submissions, where a pharmaceutical company wants to put a new drug on the market) so it's an absolute perfect match for me. It's busy, but a good busy.

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Carolyn said...

Hey Christy,
I just wanted to say congratulations on your weight loss! I have been checking your blog and you are doing so well.

I just wanted to ask, since I am really struggling to get back on track - what was it that helped you get motivated again? I really want to lose the 15lbs I put on while I was sick, but I am having such a hard time getting motivated!
Any suggestions?

Christy said...

Hi Carolyn! I'm sorry to hear you feel like you are struggling to get back into the groove, but one big thing you have to realize is you've been sick for a long time and now you have to get your body back to being healthy. I was pretty frusterated after I had Carson and couldn't get my butt into gear. People kept reminding me I just went through something huge and was now living a different life (as are you, albeit for different reasons). So it will come. Just like it did before. For me - the motivation (as shallow as it sounds) was going back to work. I had to fit back into my work clothes and refused to start a new job feeling icky about myself.

Having said that, I tried not to put too much pressure on myself and took it one week at a time. ALl I wanted was to get through one week, see the results and then go from there. And it's a snowball effect. After I lost a couple pounds, I didn't want that loss to go "to waste" so I kept up with it. The more I lost, the better I felt, the easier to stay on plan. That would be my suggestion. Try for one day. Then one week and go from there.

Sorry, I dont know how much help I was, but I am here if you ever need to talk!!!