Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to count....

Dim Sum?

I had my daily eats alll planned out:

Breakfast - 5 points (do I need to write Raisin Bran + milk every day?)
Lunch: Dim Sum = 12
Dinner: Fish + salad = 6
Total: 23
Flex total: 27

Now I was just invited to lunch - and it's a REALLY good networking opportunity for me so rather then passing up (which I normally would have done before, being too shy and all) I said yes and most things there are steamed - it's better then say, Chinese Buffet, but I have no idea how to count it. Any dim-summers out there care to take a guess?

Update: I checked a few sites online and I am approximating my lunch to be about 12 pts. I overestimated as opposed to underestimated. And dinner was switched up, so I've corrected my daily eats above!

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