Monday, December 17, 2007

Today's Plan

After yesterday's chocolate disaster (Carolyn, you are my idol for being able to bake and not eat every last morsel, the exact reason why I've done NO baking this year... too weak... too weak) I figured I had to plan my days and stick to it.

Breakfast: Raisin Bran + milk = 5
Snack: Carrots (I've never counted carrots... I know I should but I don't)
Lunch: Homemade soup = 4
Snack: diet green tea (I only pull these out when it's desperate times, it's a treat for me)
Supper: taco salad = 10
Snack: chocolate =4 (someone gave it to me at work, at least I survived without eating it for 6 hours!)
Total: 23
Total Flex: 26

I WILL stick to the plan today. I WI on Thursday so I have three days to make up for the weekend. Looking back, yes it was bad, but I used to always go nuts on the weekend, at least this time I didn't use all my flex points (before I used to them all plus a million more) so I guess that's new. It just goes to show that these days I can't not think points. Everything is counted and so long as I stay within my points... I'm winning, right?

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CaRoLyN said...

That's what they are there for right?! You did great and a weekend spent within your weekly points allowance is a huge victory in my book!

PS (I had 8 cookies over the course of the weekend. Ugh. The Christmas baking got to me. Used up all my flex points but again, that's what they are here for right?)

I'll be sweating them off at the gym this week!

marie said...

Thank you for including carrots in your meal plan today. It saved me from going to buy candy :P

Green Girl said...

I tried baking cookies for the first time this weekend... that's going to be the last one! :)
And I also love green tea... I find that when I'm hungry and have tea instead of eating, I can hold off on eating for a while... I think it has something to do with hot water taking longer to digest... :)