Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh it's not good!

Today's eats:
Breakfast: Raisin Bran + milk = 5 (maybe I should try something new for breakfast?)
Snack: chocolate = 6 (eek!) (wait, it gets worse)
Lunch: soup = 4
Snack: chocolate = 10 (yikes!!)
Dinner: Homemade pizza =12 (I was only supposed to eat HALF that)
Snack: Arrowroot = 2
Total: 39
Flex (total): 25

I can't stop eating! But at least I am "writing" it all down. The tree is up (it's beautiful!), house is clean, laundry didn't get done, and if I don't go upstairs and wash my face/brush my teeth I will keep eating so byebye.

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CaRoLyN said...

Those advent calendars get me every time! I didn't buy one this year on purpose but the Christmas baking in the freezer is killing me! ugh. Time to enforve my no Christmas Baking Mon-Friday rule again!