Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Uh oh... potluck!

Ok, today is not one but TWO Christmas parties. The first one is a buffet, and I think I can keep it under control. I've looked at the sign up sheet for what people are bringing and they are some really good options (veggie tray, couscous salad, garden salad...) and honestly lately it's only the sweets that are winning me over, not the appetizers, bread and cheese. So my plan is to sit the furthest away from the dessert table and seriously mingle. I'm new here and I have to get to know people, introduce myself, make myself known (I'm all into networking and getting to know as many people as I can lately, not necessarily for a new job or anything, but more so to be comfortable with people when I end up working with them on reviews, in meetings, on working groups etc... - but I will write another post on that) so if I concentrate on that instead of the food, I will be good.

Then my actual division (not where I work, the one that I'm staffed from, hard to explain) is having a Christmas party at the Heart and Crown this afternoon. I won't be ordering food, and it's the gov't so it's not like they will be supplying food, so I'll have a few drinks (or depending on the atmosphere... not?) and then call it a day.

The plan

breakfast: 5 pts
Lunch: 10
drinks: 4 pts
Dinner: omlette = 5
Total: 24
Flex total: 29

Update #1 - so far so good! I had one tiny plate (then threw my plate out so I wouldn't be tempted for seconds) stayed away from bread, fried foods and high fat things! Stuck with salad, veggies and one piece of chicken. AND (this is the best part) I didn't have ANY dessert. Sure I could have had one - but I didn't need it! Now off to party #2.

Update #2 - menu was updated. I didn't try the cheese fondue or the truffle cake (oh my god it looked heavenly) or the sweet potato fries people were dipping in garlic mayo... I just had two little drinks! Got home, and Jeff and I just decided to have breakfast for dinner... yum, he makes the best omlettes.

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CaRoLyN said...

Two in one day?? Now that is tough. You can do it though. Stick with the veggies, they are always a good bet. The salads sound really good too. Keep in mind that we'll all be waiting to hear how you made out!! ;)