Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nothing spectacular

But the scale said 153.0 this morning. So that's down 0.4 lbs. Nothing to write home about, but it's much better then a gain. I'm quite proud of myself - for surviving the week of parties and get togethers with a slight loss. Normally I'm already half way into my 10lb holiday gain at this point. I've normally given up trying to eat well and succumb to the holiday season FOOD. Not this time. The next party is Saturday night (we have an overnight babysitter YAY!!) ad I'm reallly looking forward to it. One of my best girlfriends has been hosting this party since we were about 15 (which is 17 years ago, can you believe that?) and it's easily one of my top ten things to look forward to each year. But there's always so much mingling, catching up, chatting, dancing to do that I steer clear of the elaborate food table. It's a potluck and everyone always tries to outdo each other. I haven't even decided what we'll bring this year.

Oh, and what pants am I wearing today you ask? A pair of size 8 dress pants from Jacob I got like 5 years ago, thank you very much.

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Green Girl said...

You should be proud of yourself!! :)
As we all know, it is tough this time of the year...
And yeay on size 8 pants!