Wednesday, January 9, 2008

48 days

To lose 10 lbs. WI is Friday. I'm pretty sure I can do it!

We leave Feb 26th and come back March 6th, we've rented a nice house in Florida with it's own pool and a pool for the villa. It's really the perfect situation for us. It's hard to go to a resort with a 1 year old, if we dont' want to just sit in a room the whole time Carson sleeps. This way, we have a 4 bedroom house, we are meeting my sister in law, brother in law and new goddaughter (that I haven't even met yet!!) from PEI down there and we'll all stay together. So when the babies nap, we can sit by the pool outside and when they're up we can go by the games room/pool/basketball court OR disneyworld OR the outlet malls OR simply walk around Florida.

I'm really looking forward to it - especially seeing Erin, Jan and baby Petra!!!

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desajair said...

Wow, that sounds awesome! And so cool that you can meet family down there too!

CaRoLyN said...

You should go buy a new bathing suit and use that as motivation! I'm thinking about doing that. There is a really cute bikini at Walmart that I've been eyeing and I'm hoping to get in good enough shape to wear it outin public so I was thinking this morning that I might go buy it and hang it up in my bedroom as motivation!!

You'll have so much fun....I'm so jealous!

Kate said...

10lbs in 48 days is totally go girl!