Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm a loser (and not in the yay WW loser way either)

And I had a million things running through my head this morning and weighin in was apparently NOT one of those things. I will tomorrow. I PROMISE.

There's lots of things going on in our lives right now, overall the good are outweighing the bad (which is always a bonus) but just lots of things to occupy my mind. As a little boost-me-up I got my hair cut last night and LOVE it. It's awesome. It's short in the back and slopes down in the front (my haircut last time, the lady gave me short layers at the top and it made me look rather poodle-ish without the curls) with short little bangs. I'm really impressed. And the "salon" is like 5 minutes away and this girl works afternoon/nights so making an appt should be easy-schmeasy.

10 lbs in 48 days may seem like alot, but I'm thinking I'm up about 5 or 6 lbs from the holidays. Even though this week I've been good, TOM is here so I'm feeling a little bloaty. Is bloaty even a word? Hopefully, I'll be back down to pre-Christmas weight soon enough and then maybe add another 4 lbs into the loss and I'll be good to go to Florida! If I'm 150 I think the majority of the summer clothes will fit.

We have NO plans for the weekend (as of yet) and that makes me giddy. We've been running around so much lately and so much going on in the upcoming months that one weekend off without any plans is heavenly. I can't just stay at home though, I know I'll fill it with fun things for my little family to do, but at least nothing that we HAVE to do. There's a difference for sure.

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