Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 2

At least I have one day under my belt :) It takes me getting one day in and then it's normally relatively smooth sailing... it's just the getting started thing I normally have problems with.

Yesteryda, the menu changed a little (Jeff got home too late to start the chicken, so we had leftover Mexican lasagna that I had frozen a couple weeks ago, it was delicious!) but I stayed within my points, drank all my water and got out for a great brisk walk with my two men.

I have to say I feel great today. I dressed up a bit (short black pants, tall black boots, a black 3/4 sweater with a big chunky red necklace that Nadia gave me for Christmas), and I look great (if I do say so myself). TOM is right around the corner so I would typically feel icky and then some, but I turned it around and feel fabulous.

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but my two sisters and I all (as of today) are working in the same gov't building complex (not the same building, but the same whole big complex thing). Carrie is a consultant so she's not here all the time, but Nadia is on a 4 month contract here (I helped her get it, yay) so it will be wicked to be able to meet regularly for lunch!

Menu for today..

Raisin bran + milk = 5
Wrap + salad = 7
apple = 1
chicken abodo from yesterday's menu = 9
all bran bites for snack = 1

total: 23

5 people had this to say:

CaRoLyN said...

Outfit sounds awesome! I need a pair of tall black books...I can't believe I don't have a pair yet. I've always had anxiety about trying them on since every single time I ever did, I couldn't zip them up over my calf....always embarassing.

So great that you can lunch it up with your sisters.

Glad you got through day 2. Do you have the recipe for the Mexican lasagna? Sounds yummy!

Christy said...

I tried googling it (to put the link on here), it's from ESBM and I'll send it to you later by e-mail :)

desajair said...

Wow, your outfit sounds HOT! You go girl!

I'm jealous over your fashion sense. My idea of a pair of tall black boots is my rubber farm boots. Hmm, I think I may need to go shopping!

Kate said...

Great Job getting through day 2!

Your outfit sounds great, I am totally jealous of people who actually have a fashion sense, as I certainly do not!

Anne said...

I`ve always thought that when you look good, you feel good. I bet you look super hot!

How fun that you will get to lunch with your sisters!