Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Liquid lunch

No, not quite what you are thinking.

I'm making the pad thai from ESBM tonight, which is a little heavier on points then I'm used to, so I brought a soup to work (homemade apple butternut squash that's so tasty, actually the three people in the kitchen at the time I was warming it up commented on how good it smelled!).

Does anyone else sometimes not feel full after having only soup? There's no pasta or anything to chew so I don't feel full. I ate about three cups of it (only 2 pts!) and am feeling the need to bite something. I brought an apple and a yogurt for snack, so I may eat my snack earlier than later.

raisin bran + milk = 5
soup + dollop of plain yogurt (this MAKES the soup) = 3
yogurt = 2
apple = 1
subway = 6
goldfish crackers = 2
popcorn = 2

I ended up working late because of a deadline that had to be met. Didn't get home in time to make dinner so I stopped at Subway.

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Anne said...

I feel the same way sometimes. I crave bread alot when I eat soup for some reason but try not to give in. I usually have baby carrots or some light babybel cheese with my soup.