Friday, January 4, 2008

Day 3

My third day back on plan and I'm feeling fantastic. Last night we got a relatively last minute invite to Lisa's house for dinner... so I ate only half my lunch to save as many points as I could. Lisa is a wonderful cook and I knew it was going to be something good. She made bruschetta (honestly, probably the best I've ever had), lasagna, caesar salad and tiramasu! I had one piece of bruschetta, a small piece of lasagna (sauce made with spicy sausage... yum!), a spoonful of salad and no dessert. I also had half a glass of wine. But - all within my points.

Lisa also had over two girlfriends last night and we got to talking about taking our lives for granted and we should be more thankful then we are, for all that we have. It's so true. It all relates back to one of my resolutions, to be happy for today and not looking into the future. Jeff and I have everything we could possibly dream of, I have to remember that more often and not try and keep thinking about the next job, the next house, the next baby, etc....

It's amazing how two days of eating well does wonders for me both mentally and physically. When I got home from work and was changing to get ready to go to Lisa's, I jumped on the scale and it said 157. And that was after 3L of water at work and with my clothes on. So I think I'll have lost a good chunk of my holiday weight at next week's WI.

I also have to start exercising. Last night Jeff had taken Carson home for bed and I stayed a little while longer with the girls. Then I walked home. Scratch that, I RAN home. Lisa lives about a 10 minute walk (easier in the summer where I can cut through the backyard to the street) but it was FREEZING last night. So I ran. While I was running (mind you, in my regular clothes and boots) I felt awesome. I missed running. But I realized it was too damn cold and I probably wouldn't have the sense to get out running in these temperatures. But it's supposed to get a tad warmer so this weekend (in between birthday parties and moving furniture, we got a new couch!) I'm going to try and get in ONE run. I'll start there and see what happens. I am still planning on joining the Tony Greco Lean and Fit class, but there's a few issues at home we are dealing with before I can plan something like that. Soon enough though.

Have a great weekend!

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Sonya said...

Yay! So glad you're feeling great, and that was amazing willpower at dinner last night. What a meal to resist!

I really love what you wrote about being grateful for the present. I don't do enough of that either - it's in my nature to always look ahead, and want more. With that said, I don't enjoy enough of the present - and with the blink of an eye, that time is gone. So thank you for making me realize that.:-)

Wish you lived closer - I'd go running with you in a heartbeat - snow and all! Except you'd be miles ahead of me, since I'm a novice!

Green Girl said...

you didn't have tiramisu?? wow!! I couldn't have resisted! Good for you!

I hear ya about running in the cold! I'm trying to get out there myself!

Anne said...

I'm with Green Girl, I could not have resisted the tiramisu!

Should be nice and mild here this weekend for your run...

CaRoLyN said...

Glad to hear you are back on track! Don't you just feel great? I feel in control again! I'm so excited.

Running home in boots! Now that's motivation for ya. Good for you though, even if it's just a few minutes, it's better than nothing right?

I love the comment about appreciating your life now. I'm such a dreamer than I'm always thinking in the future, about our first child, when we'll have everythig done on the house etc etc. But when I sit back and reflect, I have a husband who I absolutely adore, a beautiful home, a great family and a handful of good good friends that I can really count on. How lucky am I? Thanks for reminding me!