Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'd like to

Be posting and telling you all how wonderful I was this weekend, steering clear of sweets and buffet tables - but in our world, the holidays are NOT over and this weekend was filled with a night out at friend's who had a delicious spread laid out, a 1st birthday party and we are just about to start getting ready to head off to a brunch. Give me strength! It's brutal!

I'm sooo looking forward to our social calendar being EMPTY for the next few weeks, and someone will have to make a pretty good case to get me out again (heh, not really, I'm a sucker for my friends and family!). Tomorrow it starts. I've planned my week of meals, after brunch I'm heading to the grocery store and then it starts..... mid-week I will be able to tell you all how wonderful I've been!

I WAS day 3, but after a temporary setback, Day 1 is tomorrow (but that doesn't mean I'm going to go crazy today). Boo for me, but I can't turn back the clock!

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Kate said...

It always nice to get back to routine, I'm sure you will be doing great when you get that routine back.

Here is to empty social calenders!