Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 4... or is it 5?

I know being busy is no excuse. But life these days is INSANE. Quick schedule:

6:00-6:30** wake up, jump in shower, get dressed, dry hair blah blah blah
6:30 - 7 get Carson up, cuddle, dress him (Jeff and I love this time in the morning together)
7 - out the door and off to work
7:30 - 3:30 work
4 - pick up Carson from daycare
4 - 5 play with Carson while making dinner - family time!
5 - eat
5:30 - playtime again (+ bath if bath night...)
7 - Carson's in bed
7 - 9 do dishes, get ready for next day (lunch, make sure everything is ready for tomorrow night's dinner, do any laundry or cleaning that needs to be done, some nights go for coffee with the girls...)
Anywhere between 9 and 10 - get into bed and read or watch TV
** Everything is approximate and can vary by about 15 minutes

And then it all starts again the next day. The weekends I have way more time to get organized, have way more fun, more time with the family, etc.... but, even though I'm eating well, I'm doing a mental tally in my head of points. And this morning I just thought to myself - that's never worked in the past, why do you think it will work now?

Keeping track of my points at work is no problem - I only eat what I bring. I don't buy food here. I've met my sisters a few times and we've gone out to eat but 95% of the time I eat my lunch that I brought from home. It's at home that I think I've started to not be so diligent about tracking points. I had 4 clementines last night (Carson and I shared them) that I didn't count. I had two pieces of Melba toast that I didn't count. And that's just one night! I mean, it's not like I forgot about a dish of ice cream I had or anything... but the little points add up.

So as of tomorrow I'm starting to journal again. The best way I found to do this was to leave the journal on the kitchen table. If I'm eating, I'm in the ktichen (duh, that's where the food comes from!) so whenver I pass it, I see how many points are available, what I've eaten, and how I'm doing overall for the week. It got me down 33 lbs in the last 5 months so why have I forgotten this super important part of weight loss?

BUT, still feeling great. My clothes don't feel so tight anymore. I'm not as bloated and I feel clean. Does that make sense?? I don't feel oily and greasy and full of fat. It's totally the water.

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