Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Media Monitoring

This was forwarded to me this morning by our media monitor and I thought I would post it, I know we all love our Nalgene bottles and I know I haven't tossed it to the curb when MEC yanked it off their shelves, and maybe you don't need to? I know everyone will make their own decision, I just thought someone may be interested in reading this.

IDNUMBER 200801160054
PUBLICATION: Edmonton Journal
DATE: 2008.01.16
SECTION: Opinion
BYLINE: Steven G. Hentges
SOURCE: The Edmonton Journal

Plastics are safe

Re: "Parents fret as scientists debate plastics; Does bisphenol A pose a health threat? The jury is still out," The Journal, Jan. 14.

Lightweight, shatter-resistant polycarbonate plastic, made from bisphenol A, has been safely used for 50 years to make products such as baby bottles and water bottles. Likewise, epoxy resins have an equally long track record of safe use as can linings for foods and beverages.

The scientific evidence supporting the safety of these products has been comprehensively examined by independent government and scientific bodies around the world.

In every case, these reviews support the conclusion that bisphenol A is not a risk to human health, in particular at the extremely low levels in consumer products.

It is for good reason that Health Canada is not advising parents to stop using these products while its review is underway. Bisphenol A has not been banned or restricted anywhere and these products are accepted as safe for use around the world.

5 people had this to say:

CaRoLyN said...

Clean for 2 days now and loving every minute of it.

Although I didn't make it to the gym twice yesterday like I had planned but I did make it once so that counts for something. I ate well within my points and made sure to get all my fruits and veggies in.

How did you do yesterday??

A. & J. said...

This whole Nalgene bottle thing is such a pain in the $&*. I don't believe that they can be THAT bad for you to begin with.

I wouldn't be surprised in the future to find out that Nalgene and SIGG are made by the same company. It's probably all just a marketing tactic.

Sonya said...

Sounds like you're doing great! Checking in to see how your day is going so far today.

Re: Bisphenol A - I don't know. Don't get me started. I threw out all of R's bottles a couple of weeks ago b/c I got paranoid (and her sippy cups), and got one's that don't contain B-A. I'm thinking of getting a Sigg bottle. But Jeez - it feels like overkill, it really does.

Yay for you for looking beautiful and doing great at that meeting! You go!

Anne said...

Thanks for the info.
I think I'm going to get a Sigg bottle, I keep hearing that there is no plastic-y taste to the water, I want to see if that's true.

CaRoLyN said...

Good info on the bottle thing. I've continued to use my LL Bean plastic bottle. Although I was thinking if switching to a glass cup to keep at my desk at work. We'll see.

Checking in to see how you did yesterday! My day was fantastic. I ate well within my points for Day #3! AND I got to the gym for 60 mins exercise (15 in Elliptical warm up and 45 min Body Ball class)

My wedding rings seem looser today and so do my clothes. I'm actually excited for weigh in! It's been a while since I could honestly say that!