Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 4

I may have eaten a few too many Goldfish crackers (I'm trying to get rid of them because Carson loves them too much, that he doesn't want to eat anything else!) yesterday, but only 3 pts (I could have easily gone for more) so I went over my daily points by 3. But I went for a huge long walk with Carson when I picked him up from daycare and then I went over to Lisa's last night (only about 5 mins there and 5 mins back) but all in all it was about an hours worth of walking.

So even with Thai food and Goldfish crackers, the scale was down about 1.6 lbs this morning, I have until Saturday so I'm hoping it will be even more by then.

Today I have an industry meeting (I work for the gov't and we have a big pharma company coming in) and I'm chairing the meeting (as a project manager that's our job). It's my first one, I'm a bit nervous. But I'm wearing a sharp black suit with a pretty pink and purple cami underneath and I'm feeling confident, and I always get myself so worked up about stuff like this and afterwards it never was as bad as I was anticipating.

My work and home life are so insanely busy these days, but I love it. There's no time to sit and be restless - there is always something to do. By the time I get into bed I always feel as if I got so much done, pre-baby there were so many nights I would look back on the day and wonder what I did for the 18 hours. I feel way more accomplished and satsified come night time now.

I used to watch quite a bit of TV when it was only Jeff and I, but now I barely watch a half hour a day. We're bad and have a TV in our room so when I get into bed I'll typically watch one show (we have PVR so everything is taped) but more often then not, I fall asleep during it. I can't believe how much time I used to waste on TV before. (Some people scoff at watching TV, but I know tons of people who spend all night on the computer and not sure how that is better?) Anyways, I'm definitely way more productive since Carson entered our lives... I guess you have to be.

That was a post of complete and random thoughts, now I'm off to prepare for my meeting. After I check on my lovelies Carolyn and Sonya that is...

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