Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pasta sauce

We normally always have frozen pasta sauce, but I guess I haven't made any lately. So last night I made the greek chicken chili (from ESBM) and had to use store bought pasta sauce... yuck! The last time I had made it, I used homemade stuff and it was so.much.better.

Just goes to show that processed stuff is disgusting. And, tomato pasta sauce is SO frigging easy to make. I'll be whipping up a big batch this weekend so this doesn't happen again!

Tonight we made yummy turkey manicotti... very delicious, and Carson liked it too :)

I did very well today, again, no gym (still waiting for my pass to come back) but drank all my water, ate healthy, got my veggies, dairy and oils in. Like Carolyn, I'm actually looking forward to WI this week! How crazy is that?

2 people had this to say:

desajair said...

Homemade pasta sauce? Hmmm? I've always used Ragu... how does one make pasta sauce?

Anne said...

MMM that looks good, how many pts is the manicotti?

I agree with the store bought sauce,it's gross, we always have some frozen too.