Friday, January 18, 2008

You know when

You read something and it just resonates with you? Well, I was feeling a bit in the kicker this morning (thank you Carolyn, you are brilliantly wonderful and I know you're not just saying all that to make me feel better, but because it's what you believe, which makes you so brilliantly wonderful) and I just read Marie's blog and her answer to the question "Why do you deserve to meet your goals?" reminded me that I'm just not going to lose because I'm half ass trying. I have to really work for them. In life we don't just get things handed to us on a plate (sure, sometimes we are lucky and some things come to us more easily then other things), but we have to work for them. The harder you work, the greater the reward. Things that come easily don't give us the same satisfaction. At least they don't for me.

It's really when she said

Fight for it. Love yourself. You're worth it.

That made something in my head click, I AM worth it. I DO love myself. And I need to start treating myself and my body better, so I can lose these last pounds and more importantly, be the healthy person I was before I got pregnant.

So, thank you!!

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marie said...

You're welcome :)

*mwah* and THANK YOU.

CaRoLyN said...

I'm so happy to read this post. after the last one, I just wanted to run to Ottawa and give you a big hug. I know EXACTLY what you were feeling since I've been there so many times myself. You just feel hopeless. It's awful.

But you are absolutely right about the harder you work, the better the reward. You can do this! It's not easy. It's often very hard but that's what makes the end result so great! And the fact that we can all share your success with you!

Our first weekend back OP. It's gonna be rough. We're gonna be tempted but I'll be checking in with you first thing Monday morning!

Sonya said...

You are beautiful, strong, and an all around amazing person - and you know that I heart you!

You just lost 0.6lbs of yourself that you're never going to see again, which is amazing.

Regardless of what the scale says, how do you feel? You clothes fit better, you're less bloated, more energetic, and happier. Doesn't that count for more than the number on the scale? You feel a million times better than over the holidays, and that's what counts.

Let's put last week on repeat, but up it a tiny notch. How does that sound? I'm right here with you.

Jennifer said...

You're so right Christy. I've got 2 weeks of being hardcore OP under my belt right now and not only do I feel amazing, but I know that when I reach my goal, I'm going to look back at all the hard work I did and realize that it has been worth it. You can do this!