Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh god

I haven't updated my stats in 2 weeks. That's the longest I've gone since I re-committed to WW without being upfront about the status of my weight. And it shows. I WI'd this week at 156.8 and it just made me want to eat. Normally when I do let my blog lapse is when I'm least committed to WI.

I know how to eat well, I know it's good for me, and I know it I feel when I'm doing it, so tell me - why do I still eat badly? We went out for dinner at the Keg last night, I got a strawberry pina colada (SO good) AND a creme brulee after it all. What the hey?

Anyways, I'm going to bed so I don't cause anymore damage. But - I'm having the greatest time these days. We head to Florida Tuesday morning and leaving on Monday to go to Montreal (to stay overnight) so we don't have to make the drive at 4am Tuesday morning. I'm going to have a great time - we're eating in 99% of the time so I'm not worried. Not too worried. I haven't given up hope that I've gone off the deepend, and I know as soon as I get back I'm going to start from scratch and DO it this time. I really want to get to 145 before we start to try and have a baby again.

Anyways, I think a laptop is coming on vacation with us so if everything works out great, I'll be posting from there - babysteps in coming back fulltime.


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A. & J. said...

It doesn't matter how many times you get off the wagon, always keep trying to get back on.

You're almost there!