Thursday, February 21, 2008


1/ I have about 7 days of work to get done in 2 days before I leave on vacation
2/ Eating = good, hoping Amy's mentality is rubbing off onto me (I'm SO proud of her, you're awesome AND happy birthday)
3/ Went to the gym last night, feel great today
4/ My size 8 summer clothes fit
5/ Stomach is starting to look slimmer DESPITE the pig-like tendencies this weekend
6/ 5 sleeps till Florida (4 till vacation, we leave for Mtl on Monday, staying in a hotel there cause our flight is early Tuesday morning)
7/ Haven't started packing
8/ Have lots to do this weekend (Jeff's birthday tomorrow so dinner at Keg with friends, party Saturday night, packing, cleaning house (cleaning lady comes while we are gone), drop off bed at my mom's (getting rid of single bed in Carson's room and storing it at my mom's until we need it, we have 6 beds for a 3 bedroom house? one king sized, two queens, a double and two singles)...I'm exhausted from writing it down)

AND I must do my hair. Ok, you all know about my black hair mistake (which I've gotten absolutely rave reviews about, everyone I've seen since I did it comments right away on my hair, it's really quite strange). Well now my brown roots are growing in and it's quite obvious (especially because I'm short so most people are looking down on me, and my roots), so I think I may dye my roots a reddish colour so at least it will make it look funky and not just brown roots growing in.....

I'm not going for the job, I decided to choose love over money. I can re-evaluate my decision in a couple years from now. I love my job, I love the people I work with, I make great money.... why fix something if it ain't broke? I can worry about my career, where I want to be, etc... after we finish making our family.

Ok, my 5 minute lunch break is done, back to work.

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CaRoLyN said...

YAY's just around the corner!!
So glad you picked love over money. That should always be the right choice. You would hate to take the other job and end up hating it, especially after leaving a job you love so much right?

Have a great weekend!! Hopefully you'll check in before you head off to see Mickey!