Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My office is COLD! I love the huge window, but it results in a cold cold office. I have a wool turtleneck and a scarf on. I think I'm on my 4th mug of green tea too.

On Sunday I made this chicken with couscous meal while Carson napped, knowing we were going to see an open house in another part of the city so I wouldn't have tons of time to cook when we got home, but ended up getting invited to our friend's, so we had it last night instead. I cut back on the amount of jalapenos the recipe called for (after reading the reviews, the best part of allrecipes.com!), and while it was tasty enough, I don't think I'll be adding it to my recipe book. I like making things that Carson can eat too, and this was a bit spicy for him.

I'm spending my lunch hour updating my resume. I love my position and don't plan on going anywhere until maybe after we have a second child, but I like keeping my resume up to date in case I see a perfect posting with an even more fabulous salary. I'm trying to figure out whether I should include my mat leave in my previous position (I was there for a year, then on mat leave for a year, then came to a new job right when I came back to work), so do I leave a year gap in my resume or do I include my year off in my last position? I think that's what I'm going to do.

Tonight's dinner is leftover Mexican Lasagna from ESBM as I desperately need to do a grocery shopping - and since Carli is in Bahamas, I'm sure our standing Tuesday night coffee date will be cancelled. I'm going to try and convince KT to come with me to the gym instead! I normally go Monday nights but Lisa came over last night, so we hung out instead of me hitting up the gym. Having friends over is as good for the mind as exercise is for the body.

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desajair said...

If your coffee dates every get canceled again, I'll meet up with you for coffee. 8)