Thursday, March 6, 2008


I bought this great hoodie from The Gap outlet in Florida, it was a super nice dark charcoal grey with a nice pink colour (and only $14)

Last night when I brought Carson to bed (at midnight...) I changed him and while I was putting on cream for his diaper rash (see below) he peed (all over everything - even the clean new jammies that were right beside him). So then I had to pick him up to bring him to the washroom to clean him and all the zinc oxide I had put on his bum was now on my sweater.

I put Scotch Guard on it, and it looked like it had come out but I just got it out of the dryer (after having spent the day on the line) and it has a grease stain!

Anyone know what to do? I can't throw the sweater away, I really love it!

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Anonymous said...

Try putting Palmolive dish soap on it, let it dry, then wash it. This helps to take out grease stains. Hope it helps!

desajair said...

I know it smells, but zippo lighter fluid will do it.