Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally .... home

So we're back from the.worst.vacation.ever. Hands down.

I don't want to revist all the evils, but just to list a few:
-all 6 of us had the flu
-I was outside in the sun for maybe 3 hours in total
-we hardly left the house due to above noted flu
-Carson hasn't eaten much more than 1/4 piece of toast each day, for the past 5 days (no milk either)
-Carson has decided he HATES the bath and lets out a blood curdling scream every time I get him into the bath
-Carson is still not better
-delays of every flight we took (yesterday we were supposed to be home by 5 and rolled in after midnight)

The list keeps going, I'm just beside myself. Carson's molars are coming in now, I was supposed to be back at work but I'm home with him. I was a less than stellar WW while I was gone, I can't even stand to step on the scale. I'm disorganized, miserable and will be taking as long as I need away from the blog in order to get myself back on track, get my house in order, my life in order... and then I'll come back.

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desajair said...

You need anything, just call.

Take care of yourself you. I'm thinking of you!