Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pump it up

Thank goodness Kaethe e-mailed me today asking me to go to Body Pump tonight. We did the class and it feels great. I'm planning the rest of my week in terms of exercise and food (I normally never end up planning meals for weeks that after a holiday, so a "short" week).

Every once in a while, my WW leader says something that for some reason just resonates with me. Last night the subject was trigger foods. She was asking everyone what their trigger foods was. After someone asking what exactly a trigger food was (answer: a food that once you start eating you can't stop) I thought to myself - chocolate, bread, peanut butter (and the list goes on). So she simply said - don't start with those foods. If you don't start eating them, then there is no problem stopping. She took out a bowl of fruit and said - if you eat a fruit it won't trigger the craving to keep eating them (I whispered to the woman next to me, if they are clementines at Xmas time, I sure do keep eating them)

Tonight, after pump class I came home and made my green tea and was about to open a bag of All Bran bites (my one sinful treat that's normally found in my cupboards) and then remembered the conversation from last night... so I grabbed a fruit instead. I'm sitting here with my tea and staring at the apple core and am quite proud of my choice.

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Jennifer said...

Good for you Christy :)

I hate trigger foods. Mine have got to be chocolate and pizza. I can't handle pizza, and I'm glad I haven't had any in a while. But I'm sure my love affair with chocolate will never stop. I've been eating a few 1-point pieces per day but I've been tracking it. I have a chocolate bear from Easter in my room that I haven't even managed to open yet, not until my Flex resets on Saturday. I'm surprised the bear is still in one piece :) lol

A. & J. said...

pump is awesome. I always hurt the next day and I love it!