Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Down 4 lbs! I kind of assume they round up (or down) to the closest half pound, but the scale is pointed the other direction so I can't see the actual weight until they write it down.

This past week has definitely had it's up and downs.

I wrote down every single thing that passed through my lips. I made a conscience effort to choose the healthiest (not always lowest point) option. I had birthday cake, twice. I drank all my water. I had mini eggs. We made every meal at home (except out of the blue dinner at the birthday party next door). I drank lots of green tea. After all that, I lost 4 lbs. I know the first couple pounds comes off pretty quickly, so I know I'll have to work harder this week. Especially because it's Easter. But how reassuring is that I've had treats and worked it into my plan so I'm still successful? I think that's the secret to weight loss isn't it? At least one of them? The whole lifestyle - being able to work real life into the "plan"? And overall, I am eating healthier (snicker as you must, with my confessions) and feeling better about the foods I eat. I've incorporated a whole new food into my regular diet (steel cut oats)! I bought bok choy!

Now I'm off to bed

(by the way, the chocolate bar was probably the best I've ever had)

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Making my way in PA said...

Yippee yeah! 4lbs! That is awesome no matter how you got there but the best part is you wrote things down, you ate healthy and you had cake. That is what WW is all about. And as a sidenote, they weigh you exact to the tenth. So if you were 159.0, that is exactly what you weighed, no rounding. This is why my starting weight of 174.6 will forever be in my mind!

desajair said...

Congratulations! Whoohooo!

Amuldoon said...

wooo hoo! You are so skinny and hot!

Just a comment about the comment above... I think its realy depending on the location. When I did WW in Guelph, it was by the .2 that they weighed... however in Ottawa I've noticed all my WI's have ethier ended in .o or .5.

Does that make sense?

CaRoLyN said...

Wowsa! 4 pounds! Sweet! You should be so proud. I'vwe just finished getting all caught up on your blog and you are doing so great! You are seriously rocking the meal plan darlin!

It's so great to know that you can incorporate chocolate into your plan and still lose weight! Those mini eggs are just too good to pass up soemtimes! Yum!

Ps Love the hair too!

Malinda said...

YEAH! 4 lbs, such a great kick start!