Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm awesome

Some of the finer points of my weekend thus far

- Realized that dark chocolate really is better. It's not as sugary, and satisfies me without really wanting me crave more. I bought a bar on Monday (actually, a lady at work bought me one) and it's not even half done yet.

- Went out to dinner last night (cause it was Friday and I simply didn't feel like cooking). I got my favourite wrap and only ate half! Got it with a house salad. Water, no iced tea (I love iced tea)

- The other half came home with me and even though I took another bite last night and I easily could have finished it off, I put it back in the fridge and when I started to nibble again today, I used half for Carson's lunch and threw the other half out.

- Knowing I have a potluck to go to tonight (still have NO idea what to make, time is running out) I had a made-up chick pea, red pepper, tomato, onion salad with olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing

- Going back for a second look at the house we went to see yesterday....

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