Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A little bit backwards...

I'm going to be posting yesterday's menu, today. Whenever I post my plan for the day, it almost always changes. And, I've started journalling like 4 times this week already, each time on a different piece of loose paper. So every day I'm at work, with access to a computer, so this is the easiest place.

B - Raisin Bran (5)
S - snap peas and carrots (1)
L - turkey manicotti leftovers (6)
S - mango and kiwi (1)
D - meatloaf (it was SO good), salad and carrots (8)
Total: 21

Then I went to a good core class, didn't go as hard on the cardio as I normally do, but felt great afterwards (and this morning).

Tonight I'm hopefully getting in for a haircut. I have to learn to schedule my haircuts 6 weeks apart. I'm always happy with my hair until a certain point and then I need it cut. Right then. Or else I obsess over how much I hate it. I know.... crazy!

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