Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dilemna of the day

At least once every day I am faced with a dilemna regarding food. Somedays it's more, but it's never less. Today's? Tonight is the Epicure party I posted about last week, and I don't know whether I should eat dinner before I go (and eat nothing at the party) or don't eat dinner and have some munchies at the party. See, I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. It's hard for me to have a small plate of yummy appetizers and not eat more. If I don't plan on eating anything, I can normally stick to that. But, the whole point of the party is to try this food. Argh. I packed a low point breakfast (cottage cheese, pineapple and strawberries) and lunch (tuna, salad and carrots) so I'd be left with about 11 points for tonight. I think I used most of my flex on Saturday (Now I really wish I had started journalling right after WI Sat morn) but I always tend to overestimate.

God my blog is boring when I go on and on about the internal discussions I have in my head. Sorry, more interesting next time.

Yesterday's Eats:
B - oats, almond butter & walnuts (5)
S - carrots and snap peas (1)
L - ESBM mexican lasagna (6)
S - mango and kiwi (1)
Bits and Pieces - cracker with cheese (1), macaroni and cheese (3)
D - avocado and tomato salad(7)
Total: 24

**I made a spinach, red pepper, romano & ricotta macaroni and cheese, with breadcrumbs to boot thinking Carson would love it. He took a bite, said mmmmm and then spit it out. Wouldn't touch it after that. So I have a whackload of leftovers and it's too high in points for me. Kids are like that sometimes though, he won't eat it one day and then eat two plates the next.

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CaRoLyN said...

My plan would be to eat something light for supper and then stick to the veggie tray when you get there. You can still try all the yummy dips with carrots!

Malinda said...

because its a party about food and trying new foods I'd eat light for dinner, veggies and such + lots of water and then a spoon full of whatever is offered up at the party. And chew each mouthful to death so I wasn't having more food pushed in front of me, "no I'm good, see I'm still chewing/eating away!" lol