Sunday, April 27, 2008

New start - new results

Ok, so I looked at my sidebar and realized that things aren't moving along as quickly as I'd like, as quickly as I know they could be. I looked back on the past couple weeks and realized that yes, I've done really well, but is there room for improvement? Of course. Were there a few extra treats? Yes. Did I journal? No.

Soo.... journal is out today. Honestly, every time I journal (and honestly journal, not "forget" to write down the chocolate bar, the bite of ice cream, the handful of chips) I lose weight. So I'm not too sure why I ever stop. I'm starting today (after a tad too much food yesterday) and just finished a bowl of oatmeal so at least I started the day on the right foot.

Now off to bulk barn (I sent Jeff to a yard sale yesterday to look for outdoor toys for Carson and he came back with a breadmaker) so we can start making our own bread, it's one thing that Jeff really wants to eliminate from our diet is sliced bread with all it's preservatives. I'll let you know how it works out (I've never used a breadmaker before).

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Sonya said...

Hmmm - you've got me thinking about journaling now. I never really journaled, but try to create a "plan" for what I'm going to eat. Problem is all the "in between" stuff that I somehow eat, and pretend to forget about!

I'm going to try it for one week, to see what happens, starting today.

Yay for new beginnings!

p.s. Good luck with the bread! I hear you about the preservatives -- I try to buy organic bread from the health food store, but it's still not perfect.