Saturday, April 26, 2008

Up 0.2

But I'm still smiling.

This week, though, I will have to kick it up a notch. Good thing Carolyn is starting a summer challenge (Jeff and I always pronounce it shalaunge).

I'm going to be completely realistic in my goals:
1. Get in two core classes and 2 runs a week (minimum)
2. Lose 5 lbs
3. Make one new recipe a week
4. Try one new food, ingredient, spice.... at least one thing NEW each week
5. Continue to stay in a wonderful mood!

1 people had this to say:

Sonya said...

All completely realistic and achievable by you, Miss Rockstar.

I'm jumping on the "shalaunge" bandwagon - need a bit of a fire under my butt (and well, less butt).