Thursday, April 24, 2008

One good One bad

I'll start with the bad - my grandma isn't doing so well. She's in a nursing home and over the past couple months has started to go downhill. She was the most fit, healthiest grandma around until she fell down the stairs and broke her hip. Then she's been in the nursing home and slowly been getting worse. She wants to die. My grandpa and aunt (her daughter) passed away already and she knows she will be with them once she dies and that's all she wants now. She hates being a burden and doesn't want my mom to have to look after her anymore. Anyways, my mom called from the nursing home this morning and I zipped up there at lunch. She doesn't look good, she's talking nonsense and I hope for her sake (she would hate to know she was like this) that she passes away and is reunited with Grandpa and Auntie Marlene. It's not about how we feel, it's about what she wants. She doesn't want anyone to know she wants to die (she said this in one of her eversobrief conscious moments) because she thinks it's a sin.

The good? God, I can't remember the good. I got all emotional writing that and now I can't remember what the good thing was....... oh yeah! My financial advisor just called and he's offered to do my taxes! I tried doing them on my own, and even though I worked for 6 years in the financial industry (allbeit from a software point of view) now that I'm married, and with a kid, I can't do my freaking taxes. Every year I say I'll spend the time and learn how to do it properly, and then every year something comes up that I'd rather spend time on (or, with....)

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Malinda said...

as for taxes I'm finishing up my '07 bookkeeping now so I can drop mine off... every year I say I won't leave it so late and every year I do.

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother... I think you are right though, she has lived a full life and knows she will be reunited with her husband and daughter, that in my mind is something to look forward to. And it makes grieving a little easier knowing they are all together again.

when my grandfather passed away he wanted everyone to just go home (he was in hospital, cancer), my dad was the last one to leave him and as soon as everyone was back home late that night and heading to bed they got the call that he had passed.

you are in my thoughts today Christy

Sonya said...

Hi hon,

I'm really sorry that your grandmother isn't well. On the other hand, I'm so happy that you've had her presence in your life for so long. She got to see her great grandchildren, which is amazing.

Still, no matter what a full life someone lives, it's hard to think of them leaving. My heart is with you right now.

As for taxes, I could have done them for you if you lived a little closer...I'm a geeky accountant, remember?;-)

Christy said...

Thanks ladies! You're right, it's a sad but I have been lucky to have her around basically my whole life - she even asked about Carson today! She told me he wsa a beautiful baby (this was in between her nonsensicle rants).

Sonya - next year I'll mail them to you :)