Friday, April 25, 2008

Up yet again

The scale went up yet again this morning, but I did have a chai latte (small, with skim milk) yesterday morning and a small piece of cake for our manager's bridal shower (I scraped off the ice cream and the piece of cake was small, like it could fit in my cupped hand). Again, not at all worried.

I never think I look slim, but today I do. I'm wearing one of those empire waist type T-shirts (it's casual Friday!) with my size 10 Gap jeans which were just washed so not baggy yet, and not tight either.

I hadn't planned anything for lunch, so I thought I'd go to Marcello's for their salad buffet. BUT at the last minute I grabbed a frozen turkey manicotti (leftovers) and cut up carrots and snap peas. We're going over to Carrie and Rob's tonight to celebrate Bailey (the boxer) turning 9. Actually, it's just an excuse to fire up the BBQ and have flank steak.... so I'd rather not eat out for lunch.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm planning on spending most of it in my garden. This year will be so much easier for gardening as Carson just runs around outside while I'm doing my thing.

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