Thursday, April 17, 2008

Without veggies, I am nothing.

Last night was my first core class. I really liked it. I can't say love, because we haven't gotten to know each other intimately yet. It was a bit of confusion, mixed in with nerves (meeting people for the first time always makes me nervous) so it wasn't the complete mind and body workout I love, but I think love is right around the corner. They didn't charge me for the first class, as it was a bit of orientation.

It was similiar to my bootcamp experience (different stations, timed intervals) but as it's in someone's basement, you don't get the awesome cardio of running between each station, and there is a little more a mixup (trying to move past bodies etc) so you don't get in as many stations in an hour that I would hope. But now that I know where everything is, what to do and most importantly how to do it correctly, I think it's only going to get better here on in.

What did I love most? Besides working out with a friend (yay Tarrah), I loved boxing. I've asked Jeff for this for my birthday (he kind of laughed at me when I told him, said he married my mother (she just bought a kayak this winter, she's never kayaked in her life) she's 60 and thought she should start, but who is also known for impulse buys). I loved the workout, the stress release and I was sweating about 20 seconds into it (and we were taking turns punching). LOVED IT.

Now, regarding the title of this post, because I got home late from the core class (it's from 8 - 9 but I had to make a stop at Shoppers on the way home for eye makeup remover, and anyone who knows me knows I can't go into that place and only come out with ONE thing) I didn't have time to think of, to plan, my lunch. So this morning I was kind of rushed (not even sure why I was, maybe I played with Carson a little too much in his room) so I grabbed leftover pasta from some night this week. It was just pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce, and I just ate it and don't feel full. It was a good sized portion, I just normally have carrots, salad, celery... SOMETHING more to my lunch then this. I hate finishing lunch and being hungry.

Now that it's beautiful weather outside, it's harder for me to want to stay inside and cook dinner. My little guy and I go to the park every day after work for the better part of an hour, which leaves very little time to get things ready, hence the pasta for dinner (we have pasta maybe once a month?)

Instead of sitting here and obsessing over how hungry I am, I'm putting on my runners and going out for a walk. The pile of paper on my desk can wait until I get back. So can the apple (which, now I can't think of anything else when I eat my apple but my friend's little girl who stole her mom's apple on the way to daycare this morning)

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desajair said...

She DID! And it was IN my bag. *sigh* And she even ate about a quarter of it!

Ya, that's how I feel about the class. I don't LOVE it, but I think I can... I just need to get into the swing of it I think. And I like the changing exerices.

I'm so glad you signed up with me though, it was awesome having you as a partner. 8) Even though I'm STILL totally jealous you could do the plank for that long! LOL