Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to normal...

Birthdays are always fun, but I'm always happy when they are over and things can go back to normal. I guess only in respect to the food that surrounds birthdays.

So we solved our problem for dinner, and just invited everyone over to our house. There were siblings, parents, friends and kids. There were kids playing, adults talking, everyone laughing, the house getting torn apart (did I mention there were 5 kids?). Plain and simple, it was chaos (I love chaos), there was pizza and oh my there was ice cream cake.

I had one piece of pizza, two pieces of ice cream cake (oops), and 2 chocolate truffles. And each bite of everything was delicious. I went to bed with a slightly sore stomach (but hey, it was my birthday) but didn't regret anything.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have my family here in Ottawa? (Minus my dad, Arlene and Sam who are out in Edmonton). I see my mom and Ricky a couple times a week (normally), my sister/husband and her kids at least once a week, I work in the same place as my sister Nadia, we get together with all the siblings at least once a month (more in the summer), and we all live only about 20 minutes from each other? And my friends! 3 of them live within walking distance, the majority of them live in Ottawa, and we get together most weekends.

I have an amazing husband, the sweetest most precious little boy, we own a house, have good jobs, live in a beautiful city, I love my inlaws, we get to visit PEI every summer and live in a cottage... Like, who has a life like this? It's awesome.

This was my basis for my post about loving being me a couple days ago... just didn't have the chance to write anything.

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CaRoLyN said...

Your positive attitude is so infectious! I love it.

Sounds like you had a great birthday! Ice cream cake is a staple for the birthdays in our family. Mmmm it's just so damn good!