Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fashion faux-pas

While in Florida this winter I picked up a beautiful pair of white pants. I know, white pants? Beautiful? But it's true. They are nice and long, look good in the bum and they just fit really well.

So I've been waiting to wear them. Now that it's after Victoria Day, I felt justified in wearing them. I thought today was supposed to be nice out, so I paired them with a yellow V-neck light sweater. I thought I looked good. Then I made the mistake of putting on WHITE shoes. What was I thinking? I feel like I'm in Grade 4. *sigh*

Anyways, core class was wicked last night - we concentrated mainly on stability and balance, and it's amazing what kind of workout you get with using just your own body weight.

The scale is EVIL, but I feel good, so I'll stick with that.

Update: thank goodness I keep shoes here at work, I've taken off the white shoes (not sure what I was even thinking when I bought them, I think I can actually still take them back with a little bit of a clean) and replaced them with a nice pair of charcoal grey ballet type flats with bows on them (wish I had a picture, they are cute, not as horrible as the description). I had to roll up the white pants by the cuff but it looks smart, not bad!

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CaRoLyN said...

Hmm White pants and white shoes, you may be in trouble. :)

SOO nice to hear that you are basing your progress on how you feel and not the scale! LOVe it!