Friday, May 2, 2008

Yesterday's Eats

I had a super brutal day yesterday. I was (am) sick, I was (am) tired, I was (am) burnt out. Anyways, here's my journal.

B - raisin bran (5)
S - nothing
L - red lentil curry leftover (no idea the points, must google) (5)
S - nothing
D - (at 8:30) was homemade gnocci with turkey sauce.... my mom sent me home a doggy bag, thanks mom! (10)
Total: 20 pts

So I just googled red lentils and it gave 170 cal, 1g fat, 7g fibre (woo hoo) for 1/4 cup but no mention of whether that's cooked or not. Any ideas?

I googled it, says 115 calories per cooked? So I'm assuming the NI above is for dry which is wicked - that means my meal was about 5 points, tasty, full of fiber and super yummy.

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