Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Buckling down....

Remember how I complained a few days (or was it weeks?) ago about not doing a great job at anything I do? Well, that's changed. I've started giving 100% to everything I do and I feel much better now.

Blogging has taken a backseat, but my posts were getting boring anyways.

I'm going to keep up with the "What did I do today" though, cause it helps me :)

Yesterday - I went for a run and walk at lunch, I wasn't super hungry so I ate corn on the cob for dinner, with yogurt and granola for dessert. I had an awesome core class, and then I slept from 10 - 6:15 this morning, so I feel awesome.

Today - volleyball at lunch and that's it for exercise. Tuesday nights Jeff plays basketball so I stay home. I think I may dye my hair though. I'm a bit scared because of the black-hair-fiasco but I bought a medium ash brown (the ash apparently gets rid of the red, I hate the red in my hair) so it should go over well. I'm keeping my eyes peeled to the clock though.


2 people had this to say:

JavaChick said...

Why hate the red? Sorry...Can't help that question, being a redhead myself. I like my hair. :)

Christy said...

I have rosacea, so my face is splotchy with pink, so the red in my hair makes it that much more pronounced. So it doesn't work for me, but all my red-headed friends are gorgeus! (Dyed red or natural)