Thursday, June 5, 2008


The scale shows up 9 lbs this morning. That's right. N.I.N.E. What the heck? I made Jeff stand on it to see if I was crazy - it doesn't look good for him either. Sure last weekend was bad, but definitely not 9 lbs bad. AND I've been exercising more than normal. Stupid scale is going away for a while - bon voyage. My clothes feel looser if anything, definitely not tighter. So I'm holding onto that.

Yum! One of my best girlfriends, Kate, got me three boxes of chai latte concentrate for my birthday and so last night while out shopping I picked up this miniature milk frother. This morning, as I was up super early (read: 5:30) I made a yummy chai latte and oh my goodness it was delicious. And not $4.00! And I can easily figure out the points (30 cal for 1/2 cup concentrate and I used like 3 tbsp).

Last night, I was out shopping (we had gift certificates for Old Navy that had to be used by today, so I picked Carson up a few cute little things, and some adorable little onesies for my friend Sara who's having a baby boy in July) and after Jeff and Carson left, I just sat on a bench for a while, reading. ME. At a shopping center. Sans child. Not shopping! What can I say? I was shopped out. There was nothing I needed, nothing I could think of to look at, I just didn't want to shop. Which, I don't think in the 33 years I have been alive has ever happened. I was beat. And I had to stick around until my core class (or I could have driven around aimlessly) so I just sat and people watched (which I love to do).

Had an awesome core class, and signed up for the summer session too.

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