Monday, July 21, 2008

Breakfast ideas

Ok, so I eat cereal or oats every day for breakfast. Seriously. Every day.

I'm realizing that most of my lunches involve some sort of carbs (sandwiches, pasta dishes, stiryfry, soup with bagel...) so I'm really trying to think of ideas for breakfast to avoid carbs. I always feel better (read: less bloated) when I'm not eating alot of carbs. I'm not looking to cut them out, just restrict them to one meal best I can. Dinners almost never consist of carbs, we are a meat and veggie type of family. So I'm looking for some ideas for breakfast (remember, I eat breakfast at work!)

Yum, we had steak, corn and salad for dinner. I saved half my steak and made a scrummy steak salad for lunch tomorrow so tomorrow I can have Raisin Bran for breakfast!

Now onto google "no carb breakfast". Lots of mention of eggs. But can you REALLY microwave eggs? How do you do it? Hellllllllllllllpppppppppp!

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Anne said...

I eat at work as well. I usually have oatmeal (raisin and spice is my fave) or I'll have pineapple with cottage cheese...I just had this for

desajair said...

microwave eggs are so good. scrambled or poached or omelet style is the best--hard to "over easy" in the microwave. Really good with a slice of cheese on top with some diced ham. 8)

Oh!!! I think I know what I"m having for lunch. Mmmmmm

Amy said...

Lately I've been having a full fat yogurt with an apple. Totally satisfying!

CaRoLyN said...

I'm going to try out this recipe on the weekend, or maybe even tonight, They look YUMMY!

Malinda said...

I love hard-boiled eggs... generally bring a couple with my lunch for breakfast or late afternoon snack.

Or you could whip up a protein/fruity shake for the drive into work.

Christy said...

Wonderful ideas ladies, I think I will try every single one of them!

You're the best!!