Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm blessed

I am surrounded by the most caring, supportive and loving friends and family.

Some people ask me why I blog, where I find the time to do it, what I get out of it. Support. That's what I say. I can't work through things on my own, I need to talk about it, to write it down, to get it out there - to the universe. The answer always finds it's way back to me in the way of good advice, suggestions, opinions, stories of experience, from a wide range of people who all bring something different to my life. And even if I don't get those things back for everything I talk about (I do talk alot... I don't blame you!), I feel better for just writing it down. Knowing that I am sharing it with someone. Knowing that someone is listening.

And I never thought I would actually meet "friends" on here. But I've met some really great people. And more than that, I met a really wonderful, caring, special, and thoughtful friend - and we've never met. But we've been through more together than someone you may "see" every day. We went through a pregnancy together, we went through the birth of our children together, life has gotten busy so we may not e-mail a hundred times a day anymore, but every time we do touch base, I feel like I know her on this crazy level. We can talk about anything. And? She was one of the first people I told about what happened and her response was incredible. She was almost as sad as I was. And it made me validate my feelings about being so sad. You hear about how so many people go through this, so if they can all handle it so well (we don't see women walking down the street bawling), why can't I? Right now I'm just kind of putting my feelings away, on the top shelf. I'm just trying to forget that I was pregnant. It's working. Until I came home today and there was a gorgeus bouquet of flowers, with the sweetest note (short and sweet, just the way I like things, without saying "I'm sorry") from this friend who doesn't live near me, who I've never met. How lucky am I to have met such a wonderful person? Thank you, you are adorable, I consider myself so lucky to be friends with you... and I have made myself a pact that I will travel to you at some point, we WILL meet. Thank you.

Anyways, this is how I am keeping myself busy.

Oh, and the picture with Carson with my sunglasses on? Those are my flowers in the background!

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marie said...

What a beautiful post...and beautiful pics :)

Sonya said...

There's NO better distraction than a cutie like him, you're absolutely right.

What a lovely, lovely, lovely, post. I'm such a sap, I'm crying.