Thursday, September 4, 2008


I hate not having a routine! This week has been all over the place, I was off Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday night I went out with Lisa, Thursday night Carson and I are on our own (Jeff is at the Oasis concert) and who knows what's up for tomorrow night.

Anyways, I've been doing okay. I could be doing MUCH better though. I was on such a streak and feeling great, and now everything is all over the place.

I'm heading to bed soon (heh, it's only 7:25) to catch up on the Beck Diet solution, even from just not reading it for 3 days I feel so out of touch with it. I think I'm going to start on Day 1 tomorrow and be strict about it, reading and doing the tasks every day for the next 6 weeks.

Stay tuned.

Here's me going kayaking last weekend!

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