Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Calorie counter?

Any recommendations on a good online calorie counter that tracks protein, carbs, fibre and stuff like that? I've heard of dailyplate, fitday, sparkpeople.... but would like some advice from people who use them on a daily basis.

I'd just like to make sure I'm eating as balanced as I think I am (or should be) and am trying to lose a couple more pounds (well, maybe *couple* is cutting it short a bit) so wouldn't mind trying to aim for a "losing" calorie range.


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Mon said...

I'm a big fan of sparkpeople because you can choose the different nutrients you want to track on top of calories, carbs and proteins.

desajair said...

I'm a big fan of fitday! 8) That's what I started to use way back when I was training for the half and WW was failing me. And gosh, it was awesome! I use it now (not daily, but maybe weekly) just to "check-in" with what I'm eating and making sure me and Two are getting what we need.

JavaChick said...

I used fitday for years and loved it. It is still my favourite for the simplicity of the interface. I have tried sparkpeople and some others, and I kept going back to fitday.

Recently I tried thedailyplate. I find that their database of foods is huge, and they have more options for exercise as well (if you want to track calories burned) so I have switched to that. I still miss the simplicity of fitday, but I like that I can almost always find the food I'm looking for in thedailyplate (or something close). You can always add items to fitday, but what if you don't have the nutrition info?

Also, I didn't like how sparkpeople had you enter your exercise. Sparkpeople is good in that it will provide you with a meal plan, if you wish, and it will also provide you with an exercise plan. But I found if you wanted to follow your own exercise plan, it wasn't always easy to enter (that's that I remember anyway - it's been awhile).

Christy said...

Thanks ladies! I've tried fitday and maybe I'm lazy, but it's alot of work entering in all the food I eat during the day. I suppose it will get easier but the first few days... eek!

I really appreciate the advice and suggestions!