Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yum, oatmeal

I'm slowly getting the hang of making quite delicious oatmeal. I'm still using the Bob's Red Mill 10 grain cereal (new food rule in the house, don't open a new package/different brand etc... until the old one is finished!) and I add different things depending on the morning.

- flax seed
- wheat germ
- psyllium husk
- banana
- unsweetened coconut
- walnuts

and this morning I even put in 5 mini chocolate chips. And I love that you can change it up every day depending on what you feel like. I haven't gotten around to trying to add milk (soy?) to the mixture, I'm fine with just the water. I get enough dairy during the day (yogurt and cottage cheese) that I don't feel like I am lacking. Although I guess I don't drink milk otherwise. Maybe I should start adding a glass of milk with dinner.

When do YOU get in your milk during the day? Or is yogurt and cottage cheese enough. See - this is why I need one of those online tracker things so I know I'm getting in what I need.

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Carolyn said...

I love Cottage cheese, it's usually what I count on for my dairy, plus I have milk in my cereal each morning.

I just signed up for Sparkpeople last week and I love it. It's easy and super convenient. Plus it has definitely showed me what I am doing wrong and where I need some work (less carbs, more protein)

eurydice said...

yogurt and cottage cheese is usually enough for me to get in enough dairy.

Mon said...

I'm not sure I do get enough Dairy...I don't like milk. I don't drink milk. I always hope that the yogurt that I eat is enough to make the difference (that and the green leafy veggies!)