Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Starting again?

I started the Beck Diet solution a couple of weeks ago. The past week or so I haven't been following it at all (visitors, cottage, busy... I could come up with a million excuses) but the bottom line is I want to start again.

I wonder if I should pick up from where I left off or if I should start again from Day 1.

The first week focussed on things I pretty much do already. I may be OK with starting with week 2 (when you're supposed to start your food diet), but I wonder if there was a break in the middle of it - will it take away from the 6 week program? Does it need to be a straight 6 weeks?

Anyone doing the Beck Diet solution have any thoughts?

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JavaChick said...

I think you could pick up where you left off. Maybe just take the time re-read week 1, refresh your memory, then continue on.