Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I had to wear half my winter-running gear this morning! I headed out at 5:30 till about 6:30, completing just over 7K. I only took two 1-minute walking breaks. The mornings certainly are brisk these days.

Last night I had two hard boiled eggs with some tomatoes, onions on top of a bed of lettuce. While catchin up on some TV I was feeling snack, but had a cup of green tea instead of eating anything.

I'm eating some oatmeal (I'm getting sooo good at this and I actually look forward to the mornings just so I can eat oatmeal!), drinking some tea while Carson runs around like a mad man. I like mornings like this, where I'm not rushed to get out of the house. I have a conference today and tomorrow and I only have to be there at 9. Working 6 hours a day would be perfect!

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Carolyn said...

A 7K run at 5:30am? You are my hero.