Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Exercising just to eat more?

Hmm... I'm not liking the mentality I have these days.

I'm seriously a rockstar when it comes to exercising. Good workouts, incorporating strength training and cardio, keeping my heartrate to where it should be, and doing it minimum 5/7 days of the week.

BUT - it's like it's an excuse to eat more. We all know the holidays are coming (I'm scared shitless to be honest) and my goal is to maintain until January 1. So it's like I'm already in that mindset. I burned 500 calories today, so I can eat those two chocolate mint patties. I can have a cookie in the afternoon. I went to the gym today so I can have an extra serving of potatoes with dinner. I worked out, of course I can eat two candy cane kisses. Make it stop! I could so easily be losing right now (yes, I know I lost 2 lbs last week but they will come back easily if I keep this up) and instead I'm already in my maintaining mode. When really if I lost like 3-4 lbs, that would allow me a little more flexibility over Christmas.

I'm done whining. NO CHOCOLATE TODAY. Will report back tomorrow.

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JavaChick said...

I am the same way - exercise is not a problem for me, but food is. Somehow I can always convince myself that one little treat is not going to hurt...and just a little taste of this...or just a couple of cookies...

And it does add up.

A. & J. said...

same here. I tend to be so hungry after working out and just munch on whatever I can find. I start thinking 'hey I can eat this, I just worked out'.. I really shouldn't though