Friday, November 7, 2008

Focusing on the positive

Maybe not everything in my life is going exactly as planned, but let's just focus on the things that are.

1/ I am LOVING my new job. The people, the work, the agency, the location, the free parking.. the list goes on.

2/ The gym at work. Right now it's not possible for me to work 7-3, so I'm working 8-4. Rather than working out at 3, I came in at 7 this morning. The gym was empty for my whole workout. It has everything I need (err except a bosu ball, I'm putting that in the suggestion box). The showers are beautiful (honestly, nicer than my own shower) with big huge ceramic tile, and long enough to keep your stuff (towel, toiletries bag) still in the shower but far enough away from the shower to get wet. The floors in the changeroom are nice big ceramic tiles as well and CLEAN as heck. The blowdryer is like salon-quality (kicks mine in the butt) and the lighting is perfect for doing make up. And I was at my desk at 8:05. Perfect!

3/ I have been ROCKING my eating habits this week and the scale is moving in the right direction again. I haven't felt deprived at all, or had any of my normal horrible beating-myself-up feelings. Which is always good.

4/ It's Friday. I'm heading out with the girls tonight for a little shopping and then some dinner. Tomorrow morning is the Santa Claus parade in Kanata, picking my mom up at the airport in the afternoon and I'm having the twins sleep over tomorrow night.

Happy Friday!

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